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Our Friends

Is your school looking for support or guidance in another area? Here are some trusted colleagues we recommend.

Vision to Action

with Kim Bane, Joellen Killion, Michelle Kuhns, Megan Holmstrom, Matt Bornstein-Grove, Justin Gregory Johns, Paula Peters, and Stevi Quate.

We support our partner schools in the complex work of making their mission and vision a reality. Our educational consultants offer diverse, yet philosophically-aligned, expertise to elevate student and professional learning through customized partnerships in three areas: Macro Learning Systems, Collaborative Culture, and Teaching & Learning.

Balanced Professional Learning

with Michelle Kuhns

Through sustained onsite and online partnerships, Balanced Professional Learning supports schools as they develop standards-based learning systems that integrate learner agency and the personalized opportunities that lead to joyful learning. Areas of support include professional learning design, establishing instructional coaching programs, standards-based curriculum design, sound assessment, and healthy grading practices. Our partnerships are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each school, working closely with teams as they design curriculum and with leadership teams to strategically plan for change. We work with schools to establish the conditions necessary to build a strong community of practice focused on learning and in the design of transformative learning programs that empower students to inquire, think deeply, and experience joy in their learning.


with Megan Holmstrom and Ryan Grady

We believe that every student is capable of learning mathematics at a high level, and the teacher is a critical factor for success. We believe that persistent, passionate, and playful problem solving is at the core of mathematics at all levels, and that mathematics learning should focus on developing deep understanding of concepts and the connections between them. We provide training and partnership on a variety of topics within the teaching & learning of mathematics across the program (PreK - Grade 12). Throughout our collaboration, we will partner and share ideas, build capacity through conversation, action-plan, and develop resources. Through a focus on modeling and inquiry, our time together will be active and engaging, ensuring that teachers transfer shared learning from workshop into classrooms.

Matt Bornstein-Grove

​My passion is in partnering with schools and teachers as they move toward an inquiry based and conceptual approach to Social Studies teaching and learning. My approach focuses on the power of questions to drive instruction and deepen student learning, the purposeful integration of content, concepts, and skills, and the culmination of learning in authentic tasks with authentic audiences. My experience and expertise is deeply rooted in but not limited to the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies. As a teacher and instructional coach, I’m comfortable working with groups, teaching teams, and individuals to offer training, partnership, and coaching in a variety of areas including planning, instruction, and assessment.

Radiant Mind

with Josh Kettell

Radiant Mind provides an array of educational programs and services that prepare students, educators, and institutions for the challenges of today while cultivating the resiliency and skills necessary to adapt the demands of tomorrow. Our passion for holistic, progressive education serves to illuminate the radiant potential in each of us.