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Exploring Organizational Change in Complex Systems

Pathways to Inclusive Education’s mission is creating and sustaining inclusive cultures in dynamic learning organizations. Schools who desire to create, continue developing, or sustain an inclusive culture find themselves immersed in complex change. Often, the current need manifests itself in a problem of practice in classrooms or as a gap in a structure or process within the program which is impeding the school’s potential to impact student learning. What we know about complex organizations is that the ripples which are felt in one part of the system often originate elsewhere. In this post, We will share one analogy for shifting

Dynamic Motivation

What motivates and reinforces you as a lifelong learner? When we consider our students’ motivation we often get lost in lengthy philosophical debates about intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation. We talk about students getting too much reinforcement and about reinforcement in the classroom not working. When I think about the role reinforcement plays in my personal motivation in daily life, it’s easier for me to broaden my beliefs about application in the classroom. Consider your experience at a gym, for example. Historically, finding motivation to work out has been most challenging for me. Let’s face it, going to the gym can

Inclusive Education in an Increasingly Divisive World

​Years ago, a friend told me that he managed to make it through high school without ever reading an entire book. After graduating from college he eventually pursued his passion, becoming a successful entrepreneur and an active member of his community. In our recent discussions of politics within the United States, he’s commented more than once about just how crucial education is to the well-being of a high-functioning democracy. It relies completely on the informed participation of its’ electorate; an informed electorate becomes so mostly because of the education a country provides to it citizens. Unfortunately, it seems that democracy